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February 8-12, 2016

Greeters for the week


Diana McBurnett


Katie Chenoweth


Anita Luff


Diana McBurnett


Elizabeth Abernethy

If you can't make your greeter duties, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Region 7 ESC

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

Special Ed Specialist (3)

High School Science Specialist

ELA Specialist, Middle School

.NET Application Developer/Programmer

Bilingual Family Service Worker - Longview

Desktop Support Technician

DMAC Secretary

Head Start Mental Health Specialist

Federal Programs Specialist

Head Start Education Specialist

Network Maintenance Windows

In order to perform maintenance on network infrastructure and services with minimal impact on staff and customers, the maintenance windows have been implemented below:

  • Thursday evenings from 7pm to 11pm

  • Third Saturday of each month 8am – 10pm

These maintenance windows will be used for “non-emergency” events that may affect your access to network services. We will provide in advance a notice of maintenance to be performed, the reason for the maintenance as well as the services affected.

Although these windows are established, all windows may not be used and may not be the durations listed above.

Guests in the Building

To provide for the safety and security of employees and the facilities at Region 7 ESC, only authorized guests are allowed in secured areas of the building. Please be aware of people coming in the building as you are coming and going. Look to see if they have a badge on and try to direct them where they need to be. All non-employees should be entering in the participant entrance door only.

Remember to Vote

The Primary Election will take place March 1. www.VoteTexas.gov
Fresh 5K in Tyler

Several of us are running, walking, walk-running in the Fresh 5K in Tyler, March 5, 2016! We would love to have as many as we can show up from Region 7! Click on the red bar above for information and registration. Hope to see you there!


To: McCallie, Rhonda <RMcCallie@esc7.net>
Subject: RE: Dyslexic Class

Ms. McCallie,

This course has been an eye opener with the statistics and especially the State of Texas perspective. So many times, we as teachers only hear what the districts say and not necessarily what the state of Texas says. It was well worth the money that I paid for it. It will benefit me in my classroom and hopefully in my future endeavors. Thank you again.

DeAnn Murdock

Grand Saline ISD


Subject: Re: FW: Follow-up for Consideration of AT in the IEP

Good Morning Madame Beall,

I hope you are having a good week. I want to tell you that I really enjoyed and learned a lot during your presentation. I am so excited because I will attend my first ARD after an assistive technology evaluation process and after your presentation and all your help, I will be better prepared. You did a job with excellence and I really appreciate that because I always look for excellence in my life and my job. Congratulations!! Thank you for the templates and all the information. Have a nice week.


Ingrid Galvez :)

Educational Diagnostician

Longview ISD


To: <swright@esc7.net>
Subject: Winnsboro Elementary Counselor

Hello Sherri, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the networking workshop. I was able to bring back some great ideas.

Thank you,
Lori Green

Winnsboro ISD
WES Counselor


To: Gean, Denise <dgean@esc7.net>
Subject: My G.E.d

Mrs. Gean I just wanted to say thank you so much I received an email today and I got my G.E.D.

Amy Tucker


To: Hinsley, Glenda
Subject: Hey

Hi Glenda,

I have not been able to retrieve my certification from the Region 13 website for T-PESS training that I took with you at Center ISD. I was just wondering if it was too early to access it or if there was a glitch.. No hurry...I was just curious! And thanks again for the wonderful sessions. You and Quintin made it fun!!


Virginia Liepman Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

San Augustine ISD

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The "Friendly" Factor

Excerpt from Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless Customer Loyalty Is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer

How important is friendly? To me, if there are 100 qualities of a successful customer service person or salesperson --friendly is in the top three, and may be the top one.

  • Friendly makes sales -- and friendly generates repeat business.
  • Friendly is a quality, and like all qualities, has varying levels of competency.
  • Friendly is a degree. What's the temperature of friendly in your place of business? Is it warm or cold where you work?

And hey, if the degree of friendly in your place of business is somewhere between medium and un(friendly), here's a question that will make you squirm: What's the relationship between friendly staff and loyal customers? Answer: one breeds the other.

Well, if friendly is so important, Jeffrey, then why isn't everyone friendly? Good question. It seems so easy. One reason is that people are too serious about everything--especially bosses, and they set the tone for the rest of the people. Do friendly businesses make it? Microsoft is friendly. Ask them.

The secret is for the corporation bigwigs (or small business owner) to create a friendly environment and to train people to be friendly and to be (act) friendly all the time. Friendly has to be "on purpose."

Here's a 3.5 step plan that will make everyone so friendly, you'll feel like work is Disney World -- Ok, Ok, Wally World:

1. Create Friendly. Select and document every friendly way, manner, and response--then benchmark it (write it down), then empower your people to say ONLY that.

  • Let your people develop "best responses" to repeat customer problems
  • Let your people create "consistent friendly welcomes" to your customers (initial phone greeting, guests visiting the office)
  • Let your people develop "best practices" for repeat customer interactions (phone messages, receiving an order, transferring a call).

2. Train Friendly. To some degree friendly can be taught.

  • If you have grumpy people (or want to avoid attracting them), here's a few methods and strategies to remedy the situation:
  • Train people in the fundamental skills that build themselves first, and your company second. Most employers train about their own stuff and their own policies and procedures, but neglect the person carrying out the tasks. Why try to teach algebra to someone who can't add?
  • Train your people what to do in the top 25 real-world situations that occur when a customer calls or visit. Train them to ask questions that can close a sale.
  • When interacting with a customer, concentrate on the person, not the personality. Concentrate on the caller, not the call. Your first job is to help the customer--not yourself.
  • Hire happy people.

3. Create a Friendly Atmosphere on the Inside and Outside. Live Friendly.

  • Be a friendly person on the inside. Have the attitude it takes to be smiling internally first. Major clue for employee: Poor attitude can come from places other than work. Major Clue for employer: You can't change people's home life, but it's to every employer's best advantage to make the atmosphere inside the workplace a fun one.
  • Be a friendly person to your co-workers. Say nice things to them. Help them when they least expect it.
  • Create a happy work environment--flowers, posters, banners.
  • Start with yes.
  • Have parties.

Don't wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, generous or friendly...lead the way!" ~Steve Maraboli

"Region 7 Education Service Center is committed to district, charter, and student success by providing quality programs and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations."