Westbourne goes to the polls!

On May 7th the senior school learnt about the democratic process by holding a mock election. All week the pupils had learnt in form class the main party outlines for the 6 main parties in Wales. Pupils voted in a secret ballot for their local candidate. The Westbourne results reflected the final outcome of the General Election. In the debrief pupils learnt a valuable lesson regarding reading instructions; several papers contained ticks instead of a cross and a few pupils hedged their bets voting for two candidates!
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Visiting artists in preparation for Junior School Art Exhibition

Sarah Richards' visit - the children were shown wonderful examples of Sarah's work, learning about how she uses landmarks and buildings in South Wales as her initial inspiration. The children discussed with Sarah how her art has a lot of rhythm, energy and movement through the use of geometric shapes and exaggerated elements.

Sheridan Ward's visit - the children were fascinated by Sheridan's beautiful paintings of flowers. They were amazed that Sheridan never uses a pencil to start her paintings. Although initially quite daunting for the children, they soon got very creative with their paint brushes, learning about how to use thick brush strokes and different tones to create eye catching images that capture the light and beauty of the flowers.

Julie Lyddon's visit - The children in Nursery were shown examples of Julie's fun and colourful work and learnt how she uses primary colours and simple shapes to create paintings full of energy.

We would like to thank all of the artists for visiting and for truly inspiring us all!

Year one traditional tales

Year one have been learning about traditional tales and exploring how even when some factors may change within the retelling of a story, the basic layout will stay the same. To do this the children staged freeze frames of various scenes from the story of Cinderella, can you guess what's happening in each picture?

Year 1 and 2 visit to Dar Ul Isra

Tennis taster sessions

Year 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils visited Penarth Tennis Club to have a taster session with Tom from the Vale Tennis Academy. The pupils had great fun and should have brought home flyers with additional information on them. After school tennis lessons will be starting Wednesday 10th June, please let your child's form teacher know if your son or daughter is interested in going to these lessons.

Thank you to the Friends of Westbourne for their annual contribution which allows us to use the tennis facilities.

Dance Club

Dance club is very good because we learn new dance moves. It is a good way to get fit. Miss Jones chooses songs that we like dancing to. We like the dance games that Mr Murray plays, he lets us do some freestyle moves. This week we have been learning a dance to 'Uptown Funk', it is a fun song and a very cool dance. Written by Noah and Eva in Year 3.

Year 4 air resistance in Science Club

This week in science, year 4 were investigating air resistance. The children tested to see how the shape of a piece of A4 paper would impact the speed at which it falls. They used a parachute to investigate how air moves and how it pushes against the parachute. Finally, year 4 tried running with a large piece of paper to see if it would cause more or less air resistance than when running without holding anything.

Personal achievements

Caleb Year 1 VE day

On Friday 8th May, the country marked 70 years since the end of the second world war in Europe. In order to commemorate this 70th anniversary of V.E Day, Caleb and his family held a party to remember the brave men and women who fought for their country. Caleb’s family dressed up in 1940s clothes (although Caleb’s grandfather noted that the clothes he wears every day seemed to fit the bill!) and enjoyed looking at newspapers and photographs from the day, and listening to Glen Miller, the Andrews sisters and Dame Vera Lynn. Caleb dressed up as an evacuee and wore a label asking for someone to look after him. Thankfully, Caleb’s Mum and Dad were able to take him home safely at the end of the night !
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Joe Year 10

Joe Attanoos (year 10) has had a good start to 2015! He received a merit in his guitar grade 3 exam earlier this year as well as a distinction in his LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exam- Acting Grade 5 solo. He still performs with The Stagecentre group and in July 2015 will be performing in Les Miserables at the Sherman Theatre.

He continues to go from strength to strength with his indoor climbing and is now at NICAS level 5 (the highest level) and is now able to climb and boulder without an instructor. Scary!

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