Lets Talk About Geometry

By:Skylar Zoch

The Angle Family

Lets figure out the angles the degrees and their names!

Straight Angle

A angle that is EXACTLY 180 degrees

Right Angle

A angle that is EXACTLY 90 degrees.

Obtuse Angle

A angle that is ABOVE 90 degrees.

Acute Angle

A angle that is LESS than 90 degrees.

The 6 Triangle Types!

Let's meet the Triangle Cousins!

My name is Scalene Triange!

Its a very sad story...

I have NO congruent sides and NO congruent angles.

What's up man? I'm the Isosceles Triangle!

Man, I got 2 congruent sides and 2 congruent angles!

The name's Triangle, Equilateral Triangle.

I'm the best secret agent ever! I have 3 congruent sides and 3 congruent angles!

Hi! This is the Quadrilateral family!

The Quadrilateral family is all 4 sided Polygons and all of them have angles that equal up to 360 degrees.

I'm a Rectangle! Well that's what they call me!

Maybe they call me that because, well you know I'm a Quadrilateral and my opposite sides are parallel.

Also all four of my angles are right which you should know is 90 degrees.

I think it's really cool because my opposite angles are congruent too!

All I can say is...the name's Rhombus.

As you SHOULD know I'm a Quadrilateral!

Dude, my opposite sides are parallel, all of my sides are congruent, and oh yeah my opposite angles are congruent.

What's up I'm Parallelogram!

I'm a Quadrilateral! My opposite sides are congruent and my opposite angles are also congruent. And guess what? My opposite sides are parallel too! (what a shocker!)

You know me! I'm a Square!

You know I'm a Quadrilateral! All my angles are right and my opposite sides are parallel, and all my sides are congruent!

(A square is a special Rectangle and Rhombus)

Trapezoid's are awesome! Well that's because I am one! Hi, I'm Trapezoid!

I am a Quadrilateral!

And I have exactly one pair of parallel sides!

Do you want directions on how to find to find missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals? Wait don't answer I know the answer is yes!

Triangles angles equal up to...

Well a triangles angles equal up to 180 degrees.

A quadrilaterals angles equal up to....

360 degrees

First you need to add up the angles you have

Next you need to subtract that from the quadrilateral degrees or the triangle degrees.

And then you have your answer and if you have to find it of two angles divide your subtracted product!

Hope you liked it!