Margaret Mahler

By: Dakota Frank

Background information

She was born on May 10th 1897

She died on October 2nd 1985

Attended University of Budapest

Developmental area of focus

The main focus would be social and physical

Summary of theory:

*Normal autistic phase: Birth-One month

- Mother needs to be available to meet the babies needs, the baby is unaware of everything

Normal symbiotic phase: 1-5 months

- Baby starts to develop trust for the parents when it receives cuddles, food, engaged attention, etc.

Differentiation phase: 5-10 months

- Babies are start to become more aware of what is around them, but they start to get in the phase where they start to have anxiety when mother or father is out of sight.

Practicing phase: 10-16 months

- The baby has more mobility and usually will start to crawl away from their mom, but returning quickly after to get assurance that their mom is still there. The child starts play by itself more independently, but with only their mother in sight.

Rapprochement: 16-24 months

- The toddler starts to realize they are individuals. Usually during this time, the toddler separates more from their parents. They start to realize their mother doesn't control their emotions. One moment they'll be refusing to listen to their parents, when the next moment they cling to their parents.

Consolidation: 24-36 months:

- They start to separate more from their mothers, but knowing that they are going to return soon. They start to engage in more activities without their mother.