The boots were made for walking

This is how we walk

No one knows who the original maker of the cowboy boot is. But after the civil war in 1865 the cowboys driving cattle across the country discovered they needed a different style of boot. The ones worn in war didn't suit the long ride home. Around 1870 an ingenious cowboy took their boots to a shoemaker and asked for a pointy toe so he could fit his boot into the stirrup more easily, a taller shaft to protect his leg, and a bigger thicker under slug hill to keep his foot in the stirrup durring the thought ridding. The design of the knee height protection is to protect the knee from thorns, snakes, barbed wire, and other dangerous things. The thought let her kept his ankles form brushing. That's. The history of cowboy boots and I'm proud to be a cowboy.
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Championship Bull Riding - Augusta Futurity, January 17, 2015

Ridding 8 seconds in the life of a bull rider

It's not easy being a bull rider. But with a little bit of evort and sweat and being fearless you can pull it off. When you go to ride a bull your hart most be pounding. Thinking to yourself what if I fall what if he stomps me. But you have got to put that fear behind you. So just be ready for any thing.