Eagle Weekly Update

May 1, 2015

Our Mission and Vision

Monticello Mission: As a TEAM we take it to the limit and work together with all stakeholders to prepare our students for their next step whether it is to remain at Monticello, to return to the traditional school setting, or graduate and then enter the work force or continue their education.

Monticello Vision: We All work as a TEAM because it takes Trust and Empowerment to Achieve Milestones.

Duty Roster

Cafeteria: Reavis, Carter, Vallejos

Alternates: Hudson and Harvey

Expansion of I-SS iAcademy courses:

1) We are currently finalizing courses to be offered. We have confirmed with Union County Public Schools that we can share some content for the upcoming 2015-16 school year with the agreement that I-SS will work to develop some on-line course content to share with Union based on identified needs.

Training on teaching in a digital environment will be provided for staff members who have not taught courses through NCVPS. Technical support will be provided to I-SS iAcademy teachers on the development of the course materials.

2) If you are interested in applying to develop and/or teach a course for I-SS in 2015-16, please complete the application at the link below by May 8. Please share this email with others who might not be included on this email, but might also be interested in developing or teaching the course.

iAcademy application

3) Additional courses will be added in the Spring 2016 semester based on identified need. If you are interested in teaching courses in the future, all staff must complete an on-line module on teaching in a digital environment or be teaching with NCVPS. More information will be provided on this training module at a later date.

Thank you for your interest thus far and for your continued dedication to the students of I-SS

Upcoming Dates

TODAY: Climate Survey Closes at 5pm!! Make sure you have completed!!

May 8: Mystery Guest Speaker @ 10am (teachers) 10:30 (TAs)

May 14: Progress Reports

May 21: "Of the Year" Luncheon

May 27th - June 1st: MS testing

June 5th and 8th: Testing for June grads (only)

June 8th and 9th: HS Testing

Blended Learning Flipped Assignment

Teacher Survey

IMPACT it Thursdays

Only a few more left!

  • May 14: TNL#12624

Wrapping It Up: Using apps to create assessments & review activities

  • May 28: TNL#12625

A Fresh Start: Using apps and tools to create organizational tools for back-to-school preparation.

Academic Interventions

Matrix Dates

Behavioral Interventions