By Hannah Villanueva

What is Cheerleading

Cheerleading started at Princeton University dearing the 1880s. By the 1940s, it became a mostly all girl activity, also it is estimated that 97% of cheerleaders today are girls. Cheerleading is closely together with, football teams, and to a lower percent basket ball. Cheerleaders are split up into groups baced on, size, age, gender, and there ability. The divisions are, tiny, mini, youth, junior, junior interational, junior coed, senior, senior coed, special needs, and international. The age level very`s from under 4 years and 18years and over.

Cool Facts about Cheerleading

did you know the cheerleading started out as a all boy sport. In the 1960s, the NFL teams started making cheerleading team. According to studies , there are nearly 3,5 million cheerleading teams in the U.S.A. High school cheerleaders practice all year long so that stay on there a game at all times. At NCA, cheer teams from around the world can win Grand National Champion title. UNT, where the first club teams competed in 1913.