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From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

Giving Thanks This Week.

This past week we had several great things happen. We had our Fall Sports Banquet to celebrate the achievements of our High School Cross Country, Volleyball, and Football programs. We also saw the beginning of the construction in the gym. As of writing this, we have two Basketball goals switched out as well as the new volleyball standards are up. All we have left are the four auxiliary hoops to switch out and our gym will be back to full use for sports.

While this upcoming week is a short one for school followed by Thanksgiving break, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the semester so far and recharge for the push into the final month of the semester. There will be a lot to do in the last month, so make sure you get your mind right for the final push.

I know there is the cliche that people sit around the table and proclaim what they are thankful for. This year it would be easy for me. I am thankful for Jackson Heights. The staff cares so much for each other as well as their students. The community has welcomed me even with my oddities. The students are second to none. Everyone here is what makes me thankful for this opportunity to serve as your High School Principal. Thank you.

Let's go make a difference.

Derek E. Smith

Honor Flight

An update on Honor Flight.

The Juniors and Seniors have been sent the application to be a Guardian. They have until Dec 10th to submit their responses in order to be considered to go on this upcoming trip.

Within the next few weeks, I will be updating our website with the new applications for veterans to sign up for the trip as well. Stay tuned on that.

We are also looking into our funds for the trip and are working on several ideas for the next semester. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. These trips are an amazing opportunity for our students and the Veterans they will get to serve.

Middle School Turkey Dance

The middle school had their Turkey Dance last Friday and it was a lot of fun for everyone that was in attendance. Special thanks to Mr. Moore and all the students that helped to put the whole thing together.

Also, Mrs. Massey should be really proud of her students. All last week, she was working with them on their line dances.

Game Day Cheer

Our cheerleaders had the chance to compete in the KSHSAA Game Day Spirit Showcase. This is the first time that JH has been to the event so we had no idea what to expect. They competed in three rounds of cheer leading events and did great. One thing we did was get a lot of ideas for where the cheer squad can go from here. I could see the gears turning in Coach Brandi's eyes for what we can do next year. It was great to see our cheerleaders out and about doing JH proud.

Events This Week: Nov 21-27


MS Girls Basketball @ St. Benedicts 4:30 pm

Nov 7


No Events Scheduled


Thanksgiving Break




Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving Break

Derek Smith

If you have guessed from my previous mentions, of course I am big on the family holidays. Growing up with one of the best cooks on earth and growing up to also love to cook, it is a fun challenge when my parents come to Thanksgiving Dinner. My mom and I are often at arms with who gets to make what. I typically just wind up getting to do the turkey and she does the rest.

In the mornings, my dad and I always go out on a bird hunt and then spend the afternoon in a food coma.

Last year in particular was an exciting Thanksgiving as we got to introduce our daughter to the holiday. Being Italian, she has no comprehension about the holiday at all. She was gobsmacked by the amount of food on the table that day. She even got into it and made the green bean casserole herself.

From my home to yours, with the utmost endearment