Technology Rules for Parents

By: Jasman Dhaliwal

Rule #1

Do not text or talk on the phone while driving. This causes many car crashes and can be very dangerous for you and your children.

Rule #2

When posting family pictures on facebook or other social media devices, be sure to edit your privacy settings and make it that only people you have friended see your posts.

Rule #3

Put a password on your mobile devices. If you don't and you lose your phone, anyone can go into you device and do anything they want!

Rule #4

Do not save your passwords on any computers or mobile devices. Especially in the library. If someone gets into your account they can post anything they'd like and the world would think its you.

Rule #5

Do not make your password your house number, birth date, or any other personal things. Make sure the password is a mixture of numbers and letters and make sure only you know the password.

Rule #6

Do not click on pop ups if you do not know what they're about. They could be creepers who will hack your device(ex. brick your device).

Rule #7

Do not do updates unless you specificly know that they are from your device because it could be a program that may hack your device.

Rule #8

Do not share your password with anyone, even your kids. They can go on your profiles and accounts and do anything even if they don't mean to hurt you it can hurt them.
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Rule #9

Watching and downloading movies or some music is illegal. Watch out for what you download.

Rule #10

Always block or un-friend people you do not know. You may think its a harmless teenager but it could be a 40 year old man!

Rule #11

Don't worry its not that hard! Most importantly have fun!