Welcome to El Buen Restaurante

The Good Restaurant

Our restaurant sells the best food in town.

Come to our grand opening for quality food at great prices. All products are 0% off. Better hurry!

Our Bueno Products


La Ensalada ~ Our ensalada is basic lechuca topped with tomates and zanahorias. We also serve la Ensalada de Frutas, which is a mixture of fresh manzanas, uvas, fresas, plátanos, and naranjas.

La Sopa de Venduras ~ Our fresh soup is heated with only the freshest ingredients, including los guisantes, judías verdes, y zanahorias.

Main Courses

Los Espaguetis ~ Fresh spaghetti topped with your choice of either pasta de tomate, queso, montequilla, huevos, or cebolla shreds.

El Plato de Carne ~ This dish includes various types of meat. It comes in three options: el bistec y pescado, pollo y jamon, or salchichas de pollo, bistec, tocino, or pescado. It can be served either boiled, grilled, or fried.

Sides include arroz, francés fritas, huevos, pan, or guisantes.


El Helado sin Azúcar ~ Includes fresh and all-natural helado made with yogur and no azúcar.

El Pan de Plátano ~ Our freshly-baked bread flavoured with plátanos.

We are the Good Restaurant