An Interview with Mrs. Ross

Courtney Cook

Mrs. Ross's Education History

Mrs. Ross went to UTA and received a degree in education and English. Mrs. Ross has taught all high school grades, but she prefers to teach freshmen pre-AP or regular senior English. Mrs. Ross has been teaching for a little over ten years.

Teaching According to Mrs. Ross

Mrs. Ross currently teaches ninth grade English, but has taught English to every grade at the high school level. Mrs. Ross estimates an average of fifty hours of work put in each week. According to Mrs. Ross, the biggest challenge of being a teacher is the conflict or discipline she encounters with her students. The most rewarding aspect of teaching is watching her students grow up and contributing to their success as adults. Mrs. Ross claims that there is a lot of self motivation needed to be happy and successful in this job. Mrs. Ross decorates her classroom with many colors, which creates a warm and inviting environment.