Hope Valley School WEEKLY UPDATE

Monday, January 4, 2021

happy new year. here's to a healthy and safe 2021.

Reminder: FULL Distance learning will continue through Jan 8. There is no in-person learning thru the 8th of Jan

Calendar of Events

January 2021

1/4 - 1/8 - Distance Learning Days (see information below)

1/11 - SIT Meeting at 4:00pm (Virtual)

1/11 - PTO Meeting at 6:30pm (Virtual)

1/18 - Martin Luther King Day (No School)

1/25 - State Professional Development Day (Virtual Learning for All)

Attestation Self-Check: https://ps.chariho.k12.ri.us/public/

DL Overview Thus Far

From the feedback I received, distance learning went well the last 3 school days in December. I appreciate your assistance in ensuring the children are participating and involved in DL. Just a few important reminders as we go through this week:

  1. If you have not picked up your child's DL materials, please be sure to grab it at the school. We still have some materials for pick-up.
  2. Please be sure the children are following their schedule and not missing meetings with all their teachers.
  3. Some children have other types of services that they must attend to as well. Please be sure they are following their daily schedule to receive all RTI and IEP services.
  4. Please be sure they are attending to all special classes like PE, art, music, library, spanish, and health.
  5. Children need to be dressed appropriately. PLEASE ensure children are wearing a shirt and ready to learn. It is very difficult to teacher virtually when people are spinning in chairs, playing with toys, etc.
  6. A suggestion is to keep all school materials in one place so it is easy to get what is needed in a timely manner.
  7. For Tech support call 401-364-1163.

I know the expectations that were sent out last week are rather rigid, but please know that we have very flexible teachers. The DISTRICT EXPECTATIONS are linked here. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are in need of support or assistance with Distance Learning.

Did you travel over break?

For anyone who traveled over break, I am asking that you PLEASE inform Nurse Tara and me, so we can give you the proper return date. Dealing with covid cases at school is extremely difficult and I want to ensure the safety of all students and staff, and also avoid the chaos of calling all close contacts as much as possible. If parents can let us know if you traveled, we can be proactive and set you up with a date to return to school.


  1. Family travels to CT and returns back to RI on Dec 27th. That means you would quarantine for 14 days and your return date would be Jan 11 (which is the date we are expected to return to in-person learning anyway).
  2. Family travels to New Hampshire from Dec 26-Jan 2. That means your child will be on DL through Friday, Jan 15 and the return date for in-person learning would be Jan 18.

Here is the list of States with Travel Restrictions (click the link). But if you do plan to travel out of state, I urge you to contact me and Nurse Tara. My email is ggen@chariho.k12.ri.us and nurse Tara is tara.mcaloon@chariho.k12.ri.us. It is very much appreciated.

Distance Learning Timeline

Through 1/8, the Chariho district will be full distance learning. Students will all learn from home. Attendance will be completed by the classroom teacher. Parents do not have to complete an attendance form like you did in the spring.

Families can access Grab and Go lunches on 12/21, 12/23, 1/4/2021, 1/6/2021, and 1/8/2021 from 9-10:30 am at Chariho Regional High School.

January 4 – 8 will also be District-wide Virtual Learning Days. Students will all learn from home. Please note this is not an extension of the winter break, it is a buffer that ensures we return to in-person learning with minimized exposure to risk from the break.

We have set a goal to return to District-Wide in-Person learning on January 11th. This date is subject to change. In making this decision we will work with the RI Department of Health, examine our positive cases, our ability to staff and review local data.

Early Release Day Wednesdays

Pre-School Information or K-4 Grade Information

As a reminder: Students can order lunch in the morning when teachers take lunch count and will be sent home on Early Release Wednesdays.

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About Hope Valley Elementary School

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hope Valley Elementary School is to work in partnership with our colleagues, students and families. We are committed to creating a learning environment where children are expected to achieve their full potential.