Game Designers

By: Emma Crenshaw Billings 2nd Block ELA 2/12/16

"The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That's the general rule." - Nick Johnson
Video games are extremely complex, in story-line alone, and there are millions of lines of code that develop every aspect of the game. From maps to characters, these games fulfill a reaction for every possible action that a player may choose. These worlds are because of video game designers, who are responsible for the content and environment of every video game.

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How Game Designers Create Graphics

  • Rough sketches get finalized, and are scanned into computers.
  • The sketches then become 3-D. They add controllable points; they guide the character.
  • The designers add color and texture.
  • The character needs to look realistic.
  • Game Designers add in voices to characters.
  • Everything needs to look like you are in the game.

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Video Game Designer Salary


Hourly: $44.40 Yearly: $92,350


Hourly: $44.15 Yearly: $91,840


Hourly: $42.01 Yearly: $87,370

New York

Hourly: $41.78 Yearly: $86,890

("Video Game" 1)

Education, and Skills

  • Post-secondary education is often required to hold a position as a game designer.
  • Typically a designer can seek education at local technical schools in the subjects of computer graphics, animation and software design.
  • Game designers have to at least have a bachelor degree.
  • They must have experience with video games.
  • Game Designers must know how to code.

("Video Game" 1)

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