Welcome to First Grade

Cannon Elementary: A GCISD STEM School

My Philosophy of Education

I believe that engaged learning is born from curiosity and that the most successful learning experiences are the result of investigation and efforts to solve problems and answer questions.
That said, I am very mindful of our curriculum and the district, state and national expectations for scholars in a primary classroom. I hold very high expectations for my scholars and will do anything in my power to ensure that scholars are successful. It is my desire to help young scholars reach their full potential by creating a learning environment where the teacher is the facilitator of learning, where a scholar's natural curiosity directs their learning and where the expectation for respect for all things and people is ever-present.

What is STEM

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I am thrilled that Cannon Elementary has been designated as the the first GCISD STEM school!

As educators, it is incumbent upon us to emphasize the curriculum and importance of STEM in order to ensure that our scholars will be prepared for college and the careers of tomorrow... and when better to begin laying that groundwork than first grade!

Our STEM curriculum incorporates the 21st Century learning skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Scholars will be involved regularly in Problem Based Learning experiences that encourage imagination, investigation, implementation, invention and improvement of their ideas while working with partners and in teams.

Reading and Writing Workshop

Reading/Writing Workshop is one my favorite parts of the day! There is nothing more rewarding to me than teaching emergent scholars to read and write!
My goal to to teach scholars to make connections and seek patterns in reading and writing that will allow them to transfer knowledge and and synthesize new learning with what they already know in order to create meaning. Throughout the year scholars will work to increase stamina so that they learn to persist in the face of difficulty and and become independent readers and writers.
I do not believe in giving kids a lot of homework but I do ask that you read to/with your child everyday and look for opportunities for authentic reading and writing experiences: playing games, making lists, writing notes, keeping a picture/writing journal...

About Me

I love my job! This will be my 27th year as a teacher; 22 of those years with GCISD. I have taught kinder, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. I have also been a Reading Specialist, Dyslexia Teacher as well as an Instructional Coach... but the classroom is where I belong.

I am a proud Yankee! I grew up in New England and graduated from Bridgewater State University. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I hold certifications in Reading Recovery, Dyslexia and English as a Second Language.

I have 2 grown children, Josh 28 and Melanie 25. Josh is married and he and his wife have a daughter, Blythe, the joy of my life! Melanie is a clinical dietitian at University Medical Center in Lubbock. Both attended GCISD schools, graduated from CHHS, and attended Texas universities; Sam Houston State University and Texas Tech University respectively. My husband and I have lived in the metroplex for for 22 years.