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April 8, 2019

ALL Network Services to be DOWN this evening for a short time.

Our NOC (Network Operations Center) is having to perform an emergency upgrade to our new Core campus switches in the NOC this evening. We have had 3 of 6 crash since Thursday (affecting West HS, East HS, and East MS), and Cisco published a debug document about the issue just this morning.

All network services (internet, drives, printing, phones) will be affected at each campus for about 15-20 minutes this evening. They will start the Elementary schools at 5pm, then move to MS, then HS.

Grade Send- 5th Report Card (RC)

Just a quick reminder that the 5th Report Card cuts off this Fri, April 12th. Grades will be due loaded on Tue, April 16th by 5 PM.

You may start loading grades on Thursday of this week, and you can find grade load instructions here if you need them.

Please remember to follow grading guidelines for Incompletes and failing grades as discussed in faculty meetings. If you have any questions about what grade is appropriate to give, please see an administrator!

Note- we have had a couple instances still where the white checkmark is showing up on the RC icon, but grades aren't "sticking", so please check to make sure they are really staying put after submission.

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Equipment. Again.

UNT chromebook #2 has wandered off. If you see it, please return it to the math department.

The number of folks with 2 strikes is growing. If you get 3, you will not be allowed to reserve mobile equipment for the rest of the year. Victoria has the list of strikes if you want to check and see how many you have.

Strikes are issued for not returning equipment on time, for taking equipment that you didn't reserve, and all those other naughty behaviors.

Please be a good technology citizen!

Audio is coming to Google Slides!

Soon you will be able to insert sound files into your slide presentations.Everyone should start seeing this feature by April 18. You can read more about what is coming here!
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Article: Tidying Up Our DIgital Lives

Need a summer project? You might want to file this away. I think I may take this on myself!


When students come to the library to check out a chromebook, they may not leave with that device. The student and the chromebook must stay in the library. If you have more than 30 students in a class and you need to borrow a couple extra chromebooks, you should come in before school and check a couple out for the day through Ashley. Thanks for your help with this!