Venice, Italy

Highlights of Our Real Game Vacation

Art Museums

These museums had very fun, interesting, and educational exhibits which were breathless sights to see...well, for Thomas and I anyways. For Tanya and Manvir, the museums were too advanced for them.

Human & Environment Interactions of Venice, Italy

The canals are not the cleanest. Dams are built to keep the tide from overflowing the canals and onto the streets. There is a lot of fish in the Mediterranean regions that the humans depend on for food. There are some volcanoes which possibly and probably have formed the islands and fertilized the land of Venice, Italy, that humans depend on so that they can row their food in lush soil. The water in the canals serves as a use of transportation for humans.

Why Tourists Go There

Venice is an old city with many churches and museums. It is so unique that it is made up of land on small wooden slats which hold it up; you could call them lands connected by bridges to form the canals. Venice had its beautiful architecture that is a big factor of making the city what it is and likeable.

Some Other Things We Did

We also went on a gondala ride, we went shopping, and we went to the beach. We went to the carnaval, we went to many restaurants including one with pizza, and we went to the Piata san Marco Tower.