Need help around the house?

Eden Shaw is at your service

By donation only

I'm trying to earn $120 to purchase a goat for a family in a poverty stricken country through Heifer International.

Why would a goat help?

A goat provides a gallon of fresh milk each day, when made into cheese it can be sold. It my not seem like alot to us, but to them, it's priceless.

I do

I am more than welcome to do anything you need me to do. I just do any odd job that anyone throws at me. Babysitting (at my house with my mom present), cleaning, vacuuming, windows, dishes, etc. First come, first serve.


Friday, March 14th 5-8 pm & Saturday, March 15th 9-12 pm.

Call or Email

Call- (816)-286-9258