What Sets Me Apart?

By: Katie Sheets

My Background

I am involved in my school, community, and church. I am apart of the Beta Club, National Honors Society, Interact Club, Juniorettes, and I am the treasurer of the Key Club. In addition to this, I am the treasurer of the Key Club. I regularly volunteer at the Humane Society and the Corner Table. Lastly, I sing in the choir at my church every Sunday to share my gifts with my church community. I believe that in order to be a well rounded student and person that you have to be involved in everything you do. In order to be recognized as a leader, or to be set apart from others, a person should excel in many different areas.



I believe that a person's personality is what ultimately sets them apart from others. A person can be in every club in the world, but if their personality is dull and boring I don't think that person will get as many college acceptances and jobs later in life. Now along with this, I believe that every person's personality is unique and perfect in every way; therefore a person should not be someone they are not in hope of impressing someone else. Personally, I try to be a kind and genuine person. I believe that if a person is really and truly themselves in all situations, that good things and opportunities will flow their way.