Adamson Children's House

Weekly Newsletter - February 1-5 - Ms. Dana & Ms. Terry

Dear Parents,

Children are welcome to exchange Valentines in class on Friday, February 12th. Please address the cards "to my friend" to allow for easy and independent delivery. For the safety of our younger friends, and friends with allergies, please refrain from sending in toys and food items (goody bags) attached to the cards. We have 10 children in our class. If anyone is interested in providing a special snack for the class please let me know.

In the spirit of friendship, we will read two of my favorite books this week; The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster and I'm a Tiger Too! by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick. The first is about the relationship between a child and her grandparents, the second tells a story of a lonely boy who makes friends with a new neighbor.

Many of the children enjoyed flower arranging last week; a new activity that I introduced on Wednesday. I also started teaching small groups to play Bingo and Memory. Learning to take turns and to participate in a group activity are important skills!

A couple of reminders...

Our spaghetti dinner is on Friday the 5th from 6-8.

School will be closed from the 15th-19th for the mid-winter recess.