The Cold Arctic

by Madison WP Period 6

The sold thin white ice, cold winter day with animals walking or swimming around , windy cool cold breeze with the air not going away from you. when feeling something on your shoulder just remember it is snow. Living in the arctic is a very different life , you get used to it and it catches on.

" Even though the environment in the arctic, it prevents people from growing their own food". People have a varied of food to eat, " In the arctic people traditionally eat fish, seals , whales, and caribou". Humans begins have been living in the arctic for thousands of years. When they need shelter they try to make their own heating home to stay warm.

In the 1950's and the 1960's the number of people started to grow, because of imprecated health care for indigenous Populations. " Among the Eskimo, Yupik. They range from Alaska to Canada, and also Greenland. Of coarse in the arctic you have to stay warm in order to stay alive. When it comes to staying warm they use caribou-skin or polar bear-skin is used for clothing.

The twilight illuminates the sky to some extent whenever the sun's appear is less than 18 degrees below the horizon. ''The north of the arctic has more than on polar day and night occur per year''.

It is hard to move around in the arctic so the people use snowshoes , doge for transporting goods and supplies. They also use ponies for carrying supplies. In the arctic it is hard to build home. So they live in a large geographic area and where some of the most sparsely distributed people on the planet.

I thought that living eating and sleeping in the arctic would be lovely to know, because it so far away from us.


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