My favorite artist

adrian avila


Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite music artist? If your answer is yes then you may find what i have interesting. Drake is my favorite hip hop artist and here are some interesting facts about him.


Drake is from Toronto, Canada Hes 27 born October 24, 1986.He started his career on a TV show called Degrassi now he is a artist, actor he later rose to prominence as a rapper releasing mix tapes.In my opinion Drake is my rolemodel because i look up to him i like a lot of the music he makes he is one of my favorite artist.


Marshall Bruce Mathers III born October 17, 1972 better known as his stage name Eminem he is a song writer, actor he is from Detriot Michigan. He got signed by Dr.Dre. I look up to Eminem because he is like my idle he is my idle and he is also one of my favorite artist.