Roanoke Island

The Lost Colony

The Histroy in the Colony

This colony was established as an economic venture. Roanoke Island was the site of the Roanoke Colony, an English settlement initially established in 1585 by Walter Raleigh. A group of about 120 men, women and children arrived in 1587. Shortly after arriving in this New World, colonist Eleanor Dare, daughter of Governor John white, gave birth to Virginia dare She was the first English child born in North America. Governor White returned to England later that year for supplies. Due to impending war with Spain, White was unable to return to Roanoke Island until 1590.
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Theory for disappearance

The colonists were killed by the Native Americans
This is the most probable of all five theories. One important fact supports this theory. As one may not know, the English men had before tried to start the colony of Roanoke before. This was a group of fifteen men. A little over a year had passed since they first started the colony, before explorers decided to check up on their hopeful progress. What these explorers found was one dead body. It was verified that it was the work of the Natives. From this past event we know that the Natives were capable of such atrocities and also capable of hiding the bodies. What’s interesting is that the Natives pulled all of that off in between less than a two year period. While the “lost colony” had been deprived of its leader for a number of three years. The “Indians” had a sufficient amount of time to tear down the buildings too. However there has still not been enough evidence to verify this theory.
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Fun facts

Virginia Dare was the first person of English descent born in North America. It's likely she was born 18 August 1587, shortly after a settlement colony had been established on Roanoke Island. Dare was born to Ananias Dare and his wife, Elinor (Eleanor) White.