Derby Daily

Happy May! Teacher Appreciation Week! May 2-6

The Week at a Glance: We are celebrating you! Oh the Places you will Go!

Monday, May 2nd: #CelebrateMonday #CelebrateU The DRE staff will start off their travels with a continental breakfast! Students will be bringing you a flower as a "Bon Voyage" as you embark on your Staff Appreciation Week adventures!

MAP Testing Continues 5th grade is investigating SCIENCE!

K-2 Math Leadership Team meeting! Thank you Ms. James for representing us!

Tuesday, May 3rd: Oh the Places you will go! Celebrating a Tropical Tuesday! Break out those Hawaiian shirts, shorts or jeans! We will be diving into a fruit bar and your students will be bringing you a fruit to enjoy!

5th grade will finish MAP testing today as they have their final day of SCIENCE today! Job Well Done 5th grade!

Mrs. Buddemeyer you represent! 3-5 Math Leadership Team today! Thank you!

It's INTERNATIONAL NIGHT! 5-7 p.m. we celebrate our Diversity with a night of fun!

Wednesday, May 4th: Hump Day! Whoop! Whoop! Travel the trail over the hump and we will have a create your own Trail Mix bar! Student's will bring you your favorite snack!

5th Grade travels to Rock Bridge State Park today!

4th grade joins the MAP game today! Suit up for ELA today! Looking forward to seeing our students SHINE!

DRE BLT comes together at 3:45 p.m.

Thursday, May 5th: Cinco De Mayo! This calls for a Dragon Tailgate! Join us in the parking lot starting at 7:00 for the Fiesta! Enjoy some Cinco De Mayo breakfast treats!

Where is Shinn after the Tailgate! I will be at the Title Principal's Meeting this morning! Need me...I am an email or text away!

The celebrating continues as FSP will have chips and salsa for you to enjoy and your students will great you with a High Five!

First Grade is off to Runge today! Enjoy your learning adventure!

Fourth Grade MAP testing continues! Thanks for your commitment to excellence!

Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic today!

The Earth was Quaking' and we will have an Earthquake Drill today!

FSP BOE meeting tonight 6:00 p.m.

Friday, May 6th: We continue to celebrate you! Enjoy some BBQ on your way home from your week's adventure! Lunch is on us and FSP today! Enjoy some HyVee BBQ and all the fixings today! And also, you will receive a special gift from FSP! Thank you for all you do!

Don't forget to spread some love to Nurse Judy! today is Nurse's Day! A Banner, A Note, show some love to the woman who keeps us healthy!

I begin my day at the PIE breakfast and then head off to Hallsville for a NEMAESP Principals' meeting today! I may be in and out for a couple of meetings...and then off to celebrate my 2 boys! Doug turns 50 today and Cameron leaves the teen years behind...he is 20 today! Know I am a text message, email or phone call away!

Fourth Grade gets into the Math game today! We are calculating high scores!

K-2 Distinguished Dragons--we celebrate our final Distinguished Dragon of 15-16 school year!

Upcoming Dragon Events:

May 9th Derby Dine! Mexican Cuisine! 6:00 p.m.

May 11th May Principal Birthday Lunches

May 11th Compass Point Meetings

May 12th Kindergarten to Career Center Plant Center

May 13th July Principal Birthday Lunches

May 13th 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly

May 13th Retirement Celebration for Lisa Fortner

May 13th It's the DRE Fish Fry!

May 16th EOY Data Summit! K-2

May 16th Talent Show Dress Rehearsal after school

May 17th EOY Data Summit 3-5

May 17th Faculty Meeting

May 18th SCHOOL WIDE PHOTO 8:30 a.m.

May 18th Talent Show 2:00 p.m.

May 18th TLIM Book Study, Special Guest FranklinCovey Representative, Lance Wheeler 3:45 p.m.

May 18th Talent Show 6:00 p.m.

May 19th Pre-School BBQ Oakland

May 19th 4th grade to Jefferson City

May 19th Fire Drill

May 19th FSP Meeting

May 20 All School Morning Gathering

May 21st DRE Family Picnic! 11:00 a.m.

May 23rd 3rd grade to the Bridal Cave

May 23rd 5th grade picnic Oakland Park and then off to Town and Country Bowling

May 24th DRE Field Day and Hot Dog BBQ

May 25th 5th grade graduation

May 26th Early Dismissal our Last Day of the 15-16 School Year!

May 26th Happy Hour

Drop in the Bucket: The Largest Drop of All

Thank you for being DIFFERENCE MAKER everyday! Thank you for drying tears! Shedding tears and for being a CHAMPION for our students! Thank you for your unending creativity! Thank you for your unwavering commitment. Thank you for going above and beyond for staying up late and getting up early to help a child--to help all our dragons and their families! This week we celebrate all of you--one week is not enough! Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child.


Don't forget to sign up! Mexican Fiesta May 9th Derby Fish Fry May 13th

We Celebrate Lisa! Let's get our Party On! Lisa is Lucky on the 13th

Stop by before the fish fry and Celebrate with Lisa! The Wyndham Ridge Clubhouse! Congratulations on an AMAZING Career!

MAP is in Full Swing

MAP testing is here! For the most part the large groups will be testing in the Small Lab, Big Lab and Media Center--but testing is going on throughout the building for Small Groups and Individuals! With that in mind, please make every effort to BE QUIET in the hallways to ensure an optimal testing environment for our friends! Thanks for helping them SHINE!

Wondering about Small Groups? Testing Schedules for Locations.....follow this link to the DRE Google Drive for all the details

Buddies: How are you celebrating your MAP testing friends? Thanks for your AMAZING support!

Field Trips are Happening Now--Don't forget Sabra!

Please let the Kitchen know of field trip dates and if I will be needing to prepare sack lunches or days when your class may not be eating in the cafeteria, i.e. pizza parties. I order two weeks ahead and the sooner I know of these things the better planning of not over ordering on my part. I have several field trips dates, but not all.

Sneak Peek at our Data Summit Meetings May 16th and 17th

Remember we will be examining our EOY Data and looking at our Pinks and Blues

We will also be reviewing our students we have Data Teamed

We will be meeting in Trailer G

Monday, May 16th

K-2 Data Summit

2nd grade 8:00-10:30

Kindergarten: 10:40-1:10

1st grade: 1:20-3:50

Tuesday, May 17th

3-5 Data Summit

3rd grade 8:00-10:30

4th grade: 10:40-1:10

5th grade: 1:20-3:50

DRE Schoolwide Photo! May 18th 8:30 a.m. Wear your Purple and Green!

We will be spelling out DRE! Have your students dressed in Green and Purple and at 8:20 we will begin calling classes to fill in the DRE.

Wagner is going to fly a DRONE over to take our shot! This picture will become a banner that will hang in our hallowed halls to capture our Dragon Spirit! Spead the word so we will be decked out in our Purple and Green!

Did you pick up your 16-17 Map? Did you get your Check Out List for the EOY? Need one...let Kristi know:)

Our Summer School Numbers are LOW!! Promote, Promote, Promote!