South Texas Brush Country WED

BY Caleb Masterson


The average amount of rainfall is 16 to 35 inches a year.And it can get as high as
a temperature of 99-45 degrees Fahrenheit! The area in certain areas are very hot and humid in the vast air.


Yes there is weathering happening there because the soil is being deposited away from the original area. The reason is due to its dry soil and humid air.Weathering is pretty much the process of breaking down rocks into smaller rock pieces.


There is so much erosion happening that the south Texas brush land has a lot of sand because of the rock eroding and so much sand which makes it a desert.Erosion is simply the process of moving rock to another place and taking away pieces.

Why you would want to go there?

You would want to go there because of its bushy area filled with many trees, and bushes, and very many different animals. The Eco region contains animals such as deer, rabbits, and snakes with many more you can explore.There are a lot of different water sources because of its gulf of mexico.There are so many rivers that the animals can drink from and hunt from too.


The wind that moves a lot of the sand to the small mountain dunes that have lots of sand. And it gets there from the wind ad makes new land-forms such as small hills, dunes, and many more.Deposition is easy it is a process in which by the water lays down the rock in another place by which it is somewhere else from its original place.

Cool animals and lanforms

What towns/cities are in my Eco-region?

The Eco-region includes San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Galveston.This effects all of these and have many different land forms that are created from how much weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Is there hunting in my Eco-region?

Yes, there is hunting in my Eco-region because of how many deer, rabbit, and cougars and many more different and dangerous animals that can be hunted because of there population.

What Parks are in my region?

Some of the parks are Government Canyon State Natural Area, The Alamo, and many more that you will have to discover.