Water Potential Lab

Blayne Childers, Luke Wimmer, Lindsey Wimmer


Will changing light absorption and the temperature of water effect the leafs transpiration in any way.


If the plant has no light absorption (covered by a box) and is trying to transpire cold water the evaporation will commence at a slow rate.

Manipulated Variable

The manipulated variable is water temperature, and physical lighting. The control will be set up by covering the leaf with the box, and keeping the water cold.


1. Leaf

2. Ice Water

3. Box (for shading)

4. Water transport tube.

5. Syringe

Manipulated Variable Procedure

The leaf will have no light absorption, by being covered by the box. Because of ice and refrigeration, the leafs water will be much cooler than that of room temperature water.

Control Procedure

Atmosphere does not change in temperature. Leaf is not being physically changed in any way (cut, torn, etc.). No heat or wind will be added to the lab.