Amazon Legacy

Defender of the Amazon Rainforest!

Where Did She Come From?

Super Man may be from Kripton but this super gal is from somewhere just as extraordinary! Amazon Legacy was born when a drop of gold fell from the sky and landed on an ordinary rose in the Amazon Rainforest. Temporarily encased in gold, the rose began to transform beneath the nectar coating. Suddenly the gold exploded leaving behind a Sophronian Spectrum. This is also know as the rainbow rose. However, this isn't the only thing to come from the flower. From the rose emerged a gorgeous young girl with powers beyond belief; Amazon Legacy!

What Does She Fight For?

Amazon Legacy is here to fight against deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. How will she do this you ask. Well, she can regrow the rainforest simply by singing. She can also talk to animals, control plants, and fly. So don't be fooled by her harmless look. When it comes down to it, if you wish the rainforest any harm you will be wishing your way out of it.

What's The Villains' Fate?

There are several ways Amazon Legacy could take down the villain. She could always turn all of the animals against them. However that is for dire situations, if they pose little threat she will ask nicely. Though that usually turns into politely throwing them out... after she destroys all of their equipment. Then again she could always tie them up with vines or use the elements to fight them. Oops forgot to mention she can control water, earth, fire and wind. In fact she used to be in the band "Earth, Wind, and Fire".

She Can't Do Everything!

Amazon Legacy will not stand and watch the Amazon Rainforest die! Though she does have super powers, she can't fight on her own. She encourages you to do what you can to help. Just by making more people aware of the deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest can help her pack a punch. Amazon is only as strong as the rainforest. Though the government is trying to help some people break the laws.