Spanish Classroom Resources

Websites, Recources, Videos, and Podcasts

Websites and Recources

The following websites can be useful in any Spanish classroom at any age. They can all be used to engage students in a 1 to 1 school of in a classroom that has limited technology access. All of these tools can be used to engage students of every learning type. Vamos a ayudar estudiantes con la exprecion de sus pensamientos.

Art in the Classroom

1. bomomo

This is a website to help students express there artistic side. Art and culture are directly related to one another. Having students recreate art, or having them interpret what they see can help them connect to art and culture.

5. Sound Cloud

Not only makes sound look good, it makes it social. Record on the fly or upload something you made before and see how the shape of your sound starts a conversation. Your sounds are free to go anywhere on the web. Share privately to your family, publish to social networks or embed your sounds on your site.

6. Doodle

This can come in handy when creating events in the classroom and to inform the parents of fun and specific dates. This is also a great way to communicate and have parent involvement and communication between the two.

10. Cool Tools For School Website

The following wiki is basically the bible of apps for teachers, and anyone with technology in their life.

Many of the websites I have mentioned above are included in this lovely site and many of them I will use in my future classroom to continue the engagement of students.

Video Resources

1. Kid President

Lets start with some inspiration, or perk it up in the middle of the year, or finish the year strong.
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

2. Los Colores

This is a fun video about the spaniah colors that can be used in the classroom.
Spanish Vocabulary - Colors

3. The Backpack Song

This song an be used and changed for any items that a teacher is teaching in the classroom.
La mochila - Spanish school supply vocabulary - Patti Lozano

4. Billy la Bufanda

for a fun break from class, watch billy. He is great.
This is more for a reward than anything else. (Still incorporates target language )
Sr. Wooly - "Billy la Bufanda"

5. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

If students feel insecure when learning a language and expressing themselves in school, use this video to express and show that what others see, hear, and experience from you is way nicer than you think.
Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Podcasts Recources

1. Spanish Speaking 101

2. Classroom tips tricks and activities.

This logo will give many fun ideas. The poster for this webcast has specifically a podcast called "Funny Classroom Tales." I havent personally listened to it, but give it try. (before you present it to your students of course)

3. International Tales: for any language



All of these podcasts and be found on i-Tunes for FREEEEEE!