Military and Intelligence

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From the military historian to the reporter, this database offers something that is sure to be of use to anyone with an interest in military matters!

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Steps to access and use the database

Step 1: Go to the address listed directly above

Step 2: Make sure that you are accessing the site from a TN IP address

Step 3: Click on all TEL databases located underneath the search bar

Step 4: Find Military and Intelligence Database in the list provided and then click on it

Step 5: Enter whatever you want to know about in the search and click on what it returns

Over 17 million articles!

Frequently asked questions

I am not using a TN IP address, can I still access the database? Yes, but you must provide your TN ZIP code and a TN phone number.

What type of articles are on this database? All types, from simple news articles to peer-reviewed journals, it has it all!