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District Newsletter

This newsletter will be used to help keep parents, guardians, and students informed of all things happening within the district. We are excited to be able to highlight all of our student and staff successes! As always we will work to keep our website up to date and current with information also... check us out at

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End of the 6 Weeks Grading Period Approaching!

The end of the 1st 6 weeks grading period is on September 19th.

Reminder 9/20 and 9/23 are Teacher Work Days - No School for Students.

Core Values Established

We are so proud to roll out the Core Values established for Normangee ISD. In the Spring, the Site Based Decision Making Committee worked collaboratively to identify the fundamental elements and the foundational aspects of the components of a Normangee ISD education. These 4 core values identify 4 domains that will always be at the forefront of our daily work and will help drive decision making.
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Secured Entry

We have finalized the installation of the secured access to our front entry of the district. You will notice now as you come to campus the front doors will be locked until you are buzzed in and allowed access to the building. This is another step in ensuring we are providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students.

Elementary School

Elementary School Updates

Principal - Cody Gore

Email -

Teacher Workdays on September 20 and 23rd. No School for Students on both of these days.

Wednesday September 11th - Fall Yearbook Pictures!

Tuesday Talks!

Did you know your student participates each Tuesday morning in a group discussion with Principal Gore and Mrs. Tesch, our District Counselor? The talks are focused around a character trait such as grit, compassion, pride, etc... These talks are a great way to support the whole child and allow all students to know the support they have available to them with the counselor, Mrs. Tesch.

Middle School Updates

Middle School Updates

Principal - Jake George

Email -

Teacher Workdays on September 20 and 23rd. No School for Students on both of these days.

7th Graders are taking a Teen Leadership class which is taught by Coach Saldana. Currently they are discussing cherished moments in their lives and how that shapes them as a person and leader. It was a bit humorous to hear what was shared by the students!

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High School Updates

High School Updates

Principal - Trae Davis

Email -

Teacher Workdays on September 20 and 23rd. No School for Students on both of these days.

On August 30th we had our first home football game vs. Bremond. The Varsity lost to Bremond that Friday evening but the Junior Varsity was victorious the evening before vs. Bremond!

Volleyball is in full swing and placed 2nd at the Centerville Tournament and will be starting district play soon!

See the upcoming events in September:

  • Sept. 9th Grandparents Day & 4H Meeting 6:30pm in Cafeteria
  • Sept 11th Fall Pictures for the Yearbook
  • Sept 14th Greenhand Orientation 5:00pm at Ag Shop
  • Sept 16th-19th 1st Six Weeks Test
  • Sept 18th Greenhand Camp - Nacogdoches
  • Sept. 20th Staff Development/Work Day
  • Sept. 23rd Staff Development/Work Day
  • Sept. 25th Balfour on Campus
  • Sept. 25th National Honor Society Blood Drive
  • Sept. 25th 4:00 Little Panther Cheer Clinic
  • Sept 26th Bonfire (Sunset will be 7:15)
  • Sept. 27th - FFA Forestry Workshop
  • Sept 27th Homecoming Game vs. New Waverly 7:30pm
  • Sept 28th Homecoming Dance 7:00 - 10:00
  • Sept. 30th State Fair Broiler Show

Fall Dress Up Days

Be sure to have some fun and dress up on the Fridays below!

SEPT 13th Lovelady lions- “lasso the lions” western

(Wear your best western attire)

SEPT 27th New Waverly bulldogs- HOMECOMING Theme is "Family Game Night"

Monday- No School Monday

Tuesday- "Scrabble" wear the craziest mix match clothes

Wednesday- "Life" life moves too fast let’s throw it back to the 80”s and Wear your best 80”s attire

Thursday- "Battle" battle it out with the bulldogs and camo it all out

Friday- "Spirit Day" Jr. High and Elementary wear green, white and black

Wear your class clothes...

Freshman- capris

Sophomore- shirts

Juniors- jeans

Senior - overalls

OCT 18th Cayuga wildcats- “surfing our way to victory” *pink out* Hawaiian

(Wear your pink out shirt with the best Hawaiian attire you have)

NOV 8th Kerens bobcats- “knock the bobcats out” blackout

(Wear bright neon colors) *blackout*

Parent Portal Tutorial

Check out our screencast of Parent Portal. This video walks you through how to set up grade alerts and attendance alerts for your students. It is HIGHLY encouraged to help you stay in the loop on how your student is performing daily!
Parent Portal

Updated Calendar

Click on the link below to see the updated school calendar for 2019-2020. The only change was moving our April Bad Weather Day from April 17th to April 3rd.

Updated Calendar