The world wildlife foundation SMORE

By: Catherynn Page

Why the World Wildlife Foundation?

I have chosen the world Wildlife Foundation because I hate seeing animals die, and start to disappear. The World Wildlife Foundation helps endangered species to, well not be endangered anymore. People think its okay to kill these animals because of parts of there anatomy, or there killing there ecosystem therefore killing the animal. I love animals no matter how "dangerous" people say animals are. Weather we believe it or not every single one of these animals help us in someway.

More Information

This organization does not focus on just animals, it also focuses on plants too. They even improves humans life and the way we see life. Also they are a big inspiration, they inspire people to make a difference and to change. Now when i say "change" I don't mean that there making you change yourself or your life, I mean that they are getting people to "change" the way they see nature and life altogether. This is not a fake charity trying to drain you of money this is real, the problems today that they are trying to fix are real. Wake up and see for yourself, these animals and plants can not win the battle of extinction on their own.

The World Wildlife Foundation

Please help us to save the world, these animals are our world.