New Zealand

By Bonny Chung


New Zealand is a country which is located in the South-West of the Pacific Ocean. The country has been broken up into two main islands which are called the 'North Island' (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu).

Simple Facts about New Zealand!

Capital City: Wellington

Population: 4.471 million

Currency: dollars ($)

Land Area: 268 021 km²

Time Zone: 2 hrs behind Australian time

Largest City: Auckland (in the North Island)

Nickname for a New Zealander: Kiwi

Maori Name: Aotearoa

Languages Spoken: English & Maori

NZ Flag

The first official New Zealand flag was created in 1834, the flag was named the 'United Tribes'. The United Tribes only stayed as New Zealand's flag for 6 years. They did not have a flag till 1902 which is now there current flag representing New Zealand. The current flag is made up of 3 colours: blue, red and white

Here are the meanings of the 3 colours:

Blue: care, trust, loyalty and determination

Red: endurance, bravery and strength

White: peace and honesty

The United Tribes Flag!

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The New Zealand Flag!

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New Zealand Food

In New Zealand they have a variety of favourite foods and some of those favourites are: Hokey Pokey Ice-Cream, pavlova, fish'n'chips and many more! Although New Zealanders have their favourite foods, they also still eat traditional foods and cook in traditional methods. Hangi is a traditional Maori method which is used to cook food in special Maori ceremonies. To use this method you will need to find a pit which is approximately 1 meter deep and then fill the pit up with wood and stones, this method normally takes over 3 hours to properly cook the food. The foods that they normally cook with this method are pork, chicken , beef, sweet potatoes, corn, other vegetables and many more!

This is the Hangi!

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New Zealanders are all very passionate sports people, some favourite sports in New Zealand are:

  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Softball

Some Interesting Places in NZ!

  • Milford Sound
  • Sky Tower
  • Bay of Islands
  • Waitomo Caves
  • Waiheke Island
  • Abel Tasman National Park

PS: you can see the beautiful scenery for each of those destinations below!


  1. The Lord of the Rings series was filmed in New Zealand
  2. The 'Beehive' Parliament is in Wellington and is built on special springs so that it can resist earthquakes
  3. Dame Jenny Shipley was the name of the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand
  4. The national anthem is called 'God Defend New Zealand' it is usually sung in English and Maori, they sing it in Maori first then English
  5. In 2003, the population in New Zealand had just hit 4 million
  6. New Zealand is the 75th largest country
  7. Every year there are approximately 100 earth quakes in New Zealand
  8. The kiwi is a flightless and nocturnal bird, and is also New Zealand's national emblem
  9. There are 120 species of birds living in New Zealand
  10. New Zealand was the first country which allowed women to vote
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