Week 3 Reflection

Action Plan - Update

Week 3 Aims

Our aims for week 3 were:

  • Create questionnaire
  • Conduct questionnaire
  • Plan all final details such as setting, actors and props
  • Complete a textual analysis on three already existing films

Week 3 Achievements

We created our questionnaire by deciding on relevant questions that will aid us with the production of our opening scene, and help us make some important decisions such as the title of our film. We conducted our questionnaire by primarily asking people who fit within our target audience such as year 7's because their opinions will be most relevant as they would be the ones watching our film. We then presented our questionnaire results using slideshare, outlining how they have benefited our opening scene and influenced some vital decisions. Lastly, we planned all final details using the questionnaire results as a basis for certain decisions such as where the setting will be and what props we're going to use.

Updated Week 4 Aims

As the textual analysis on three films are all still incomplete this will now need to be added onto the existing aims for week four.