The Issue That Divided A Nation

By Michael I. Period 3

The Crises

In the late 1960's, there were many issues in the south regarding racism. One of the deaths caused by racism is the murder of Martin Luther King Jr, one of the most well-known political black pride activist that helped stop segregation.Another death is the one of James Byrd Jr, a black man that was killed by three white racists. Both of these tragic cases helped start a movement of equality in the U.S.A.

The Questions/Answers

  • "Black people had their own what? This was why the Byrd family stayed strong during the trials" -Community
  • "Why was the cemetery separated into two side? This is the reason why whites and blacks stayed to themselves" -Color lines very clearly drawn
  • "This is the reason why James Byrd was killed and Boston was rioting during the 1960's" -Race Relations
  • "This was an important issue during the 1960's in the south. It caused many colored people to stay away from the whites" -Segregation
  • "James Brown had this effect, and because of this, he stopped the Boston riots" -The Healing Affect
James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)


James Brown I feel good by sundstrom1337

Leaders and Their Roles

Leaders have the role of stopping riots and help a city stay calm. The mayors of Jasper and Boston helped their towns by ending a conflict brought on by racism. Leaders such as the mayors have to make sure that people are orderly during a crisis. In Boston, the mayor had to get James Brown to do a concert so the riots following the death of Martin Luther King Jr. would end. In Jasper, the mayor had to put all three of the killers of James Byrd Jr. in jail to end the conflict between the white and the black communities.
Jasper Texas 1999 - John Wayne King Trial