final exam cheat sheet


things to know

Mexico- spanish conqisdors and exploration
American cultuer- spread of english language
Columbian Exchange- helped econmic growth improve technology
Western Europe- the colubian exchange
United States- rio grande man made
(NAFTA)- reduce trade bariers
Map- south americans gained independce
Cold war affect- econmical politcal cultral aline with russia
Un- to maintian iner copration with members to keep world peace with
Foreign Policy- lack warm water ports trade
1989- turning away from the diffusion of democratic ideas
North Africa and Africa- sahara
Nelson Mandela- led the struggle to parthide


Saudi Arabia- Mecca
Stateless Nation- Curtistaine / Palestian
Plate Tectonics- Indian subcontent
Cultural Hearth- New York City


highest most develop
lowest less develop