Day 6 Challenge

Sharing the Joy

We all had a different reason for starting this business.

~Couldn't resist the jewelry
~Wanted something extra
~Wanted a flexible career
~Wanted a hobby
~Loved the Stella & Dot community

Regardless of your reason WHY....aren't you so glad that you found Stella & Dot? Today's challenge you get to work on over the weekend....and it involves sharing the opportunity. So if you've been looking for a reason to sponsor...but didn't know is your weekend to start!

Here's our philosophy on sponsoring.


When first approaching someone don't act like it's a serious career change or bog them down with all the specifics....just say something like...

"You should do this! You'd be great and it's so much fun." or "You're a natural, have you ever considered doing what I do?"

Then wait and see what they say. Most people start Stella & Dot because they think it would be fun, a way to earn some extra money, they'll get free jewelry and it seems like an incredibly chic company to be part of.

It's not until after they sign up....
that they can truly see the opportunity that exists!

Challenge 6: This is a TWO step challenge. And you have until MONDAY at 2PM.

Step One: Email or Facebook a Few Fabulous Ladies

Step Two: Drop a packet in the mail

Email a friend or trunk show guest that you think they would love Stella & Dot. Keep it simple....let them know why you thought of them, that you might be crazy ;) but couldn't stop thinking of them, that they should if nothing least watch the Our Story video (include a link to the video on your website).

Here's an idea for a past customer, friend or hostess....

"Hi Jane, I hope you're having a great weekend. It was so fun to see you last week. So I can't stop thinking about this so I'm just going to put it out there...and you might think I'm totally nuts...but I think you should become a Stella & Dot stylist!

You love the jewelry, you're so fashionable and I know you'd love our team and they'd love you. Worst case'll end up with some fabulous accessories. I have stylists who are truly just hobbyists. I know you're so busy....but I just can't resist sharing this with you!

I'm mailing you a little something....please just take a look. I never in a million years thought I'd be doing this business...and I'm so glad I looked into the company more. It's an amazing and fabulous company to be part of. And if this isn't on your radar, please take it as a compliment that I think you'd make a fantastic stylist!

xoxo-your name

Love this video on the story behind Stella & Dot:

Here's the Bloomberg Story posted on our FB page yesterday:

Then....copy and paste your email on our team facebook page. Each email gets you one entry.....AND the gift (times TWO) is worth it!

So...if you think of more...send more...just be sincere.

Here's a link to our TEAM PAGE:

Here's the don't have to recruit full-time stylists. Maybe they'll only do one trunk show a month.....that's okay! That's what's great about this business. Who knows...maybe you'll promote a rock star??

Lots of people have lots of different reasons for starting a Stella & Dot business. For some it's a need for something else in their life, something of their own, something to get them out of the house....but for a lot it's the need for ADDITIONAL FAMILY INCOME.

SHARE this opportunity.

It could change someone's future!!

We know it changed ours.

Aren't you glad someone shared this opportunity with YOU?

xoxo, Sarah & Kristen