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August 14th, 2022

Time to Set Sail...

Dear Parents,

I am so excited to welcome back our Rattlers for the best year yet! We have so many great learning experiences planned for each of our students. Meet the Teacher Day/Night is my all-time favorite because we get to see and feel the excitement in the air. Please, please take the time to read the information below to help this first week run smoothly!

I'll see everyone tomorrow night!

With Joy,


Important Dates

  • August 15th: Meet the Teacher- Kinder students will meet their new teacher and see their classroom/classmates anytime from 10-11 am. 1st - 5th students will meet their new teacher(s) and see their classroom/classmates anytime from 5:00 - 6:30.
  • August 17th: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL starts at 7:30. Doors open at 7:10. Dismissal is at 2:45.



Dear Parents,

The safety of your children and our staff is my priority at all times. I love your kiddos like they are my own and want to ensure that we will be doing everything possible to keep our Rattlers safe. Below you will see some procedures that we will be following this year. Please keep in mind that some inconveniences you may feel/experience are in place to build layers of security while maintaining the extraordinary culture that River Ridge is all about. I have underlined anything brand new so you can take extra notice of changes.

  • All exterior doors will be locked at all times except for the front door entering the vestibule area.
  • To access the building, you must bring your driver's license to be scanned. All visitors and volunteers must check in and be given access through the front office on any day.
  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - Parents can walk their children to class on the first day of school. We ask that additional family members do not come on that day to limit the number of people in our building. After the first day, we will kindly ask you to say your goodbyes before your student heads into the building. This allows us to carefully monitor the traffic of people entering the building and focus on starting our day on time.
  • IF YOU WALK YOUR CHILD TO CLASS ON THE FIRST DAY, you MUST be wearing a printed badge from the front office. This will allow us to know who is in the building. Badges can be preprinted on Monday, August 15th between 8-12 or anytime between 8 - 3:30 on Tuesday, August 16th. Badges must be worn on the first day of school. If you do not have on a badge, you will be asked to say your goodbyes at the door or go to the front office to get a badge. I predict that the line might get very long, so please, please, please try and arrange a time to come beforehand on Monday or Tuesday. A driver's license or state-issued ID is required.
  • Please make sure when you leave the building you exit through the front and return your sticker to Michelle Baker. This will help us know to log you out of the system so we can better monitor who is in the building if we should have to evacuate.
  • Our arrival system for car riders has changed this year to match our dismissal system. The only entrance that will be unlocked is the front door. We will utilize the "snake" carpool system for all moving traffic so that we have one point of entry for our car riders. Bikers and walkers coming from Bella Mar will still be able to come through the cafeteria if needed. We will have staff on duty to allow those students to enter through the doors in the back of the cafeteria, including bus riders. All side doors will be locked. Please do not plan on dropping your child off at a side door. They will not be allowed entrance from these doors.
  • We are asking all families to wait until September 1st before coming to eat lunch with your child. This will allow us to have all systems in order before guests join us for lunch.

I will be hosting a coffee talk on August 31st at 8:00 via Zoom to talk more about our safety systems. More information will be coming soon!


Shelley Roberts

A message from Mrs. Cunningham

t's a brand new year in the River Ridge Library! We can't wait to see all your smiling faces!

Click the link to hear Mrs. Cunningham read This is a School by John Schu!

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Bell Times: 7:30-2:45

Tardy Bell:7:30

Attendance Bell: 8:45

Dismissal Bell: 2:45

Building Doors Open: 7:10

Building Doors Close: 3:20