Why GMOs Are Great

By: Nikhil Padmanabhan

Benefits of GMOs

1. Plants and crops that are genetically modified usually have a lot longer shelf life than the those who are not genetically modified.

2. Plants and crops can be genetically modified to contain more vitamins and nutrients to help provide nutrition to those who lack it.

3. GMOs prove resistant to insects trying to feed on them.

4. Genetically modified crops are also more safe from diseases and are less likely to have them.

5. Using GMOs will help the environment by having to use less pesticides and herbicides to try and heal the crops from any harm.

6. Geneticists say that genetically modifying crops is a natural thing to do. Even if humans didn't interfere with crops, they'll genetically mutate themselves.

7. Can make crops cross breed at will which results in more desired crops during harvest season.

8. The only way to feed the exponentially growing population in the world is to grow and harvest GMOs.

9. Thousands of tests are conducted to ensure the safety of GMOs being consumed by humans.

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