Oral Cancer

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All about oral cancer:

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat. The benign cells become malignant when abnormal cells divide with no control. To keep an update on the oral tissue, regular screenings are recommended.

Who's in danger of getting it?

Smoking and smokeless tobacco users are often associated with oral cancer. About 90% of oral cancers occur in those that have used tobacco.

How is it treated?

Surgery is required to remove this cancer and is often disfiguring. Radiation therapy is also recommended.

What's the survival rate?

For lesions on the floor of the mouth, 5-year cause-specific survival rates by stage are: I: 90%, II: 80%, III: 70%, favorable IV: 40-50%, and unfavorable IV: 20%. Five-year cause-specific survival rates for oral tongue cancers by stage are: I and II: 70-80%, III: 40%, and IV: 15-20%.