Brian's Return Book Review and More

By Cannon Jackson

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Gary Paulsen

Behind The Author

Gary Paulsen is the award winning author of the book Hatchet and other awesome books. Gary mostly rights about survive stories and country stories. Most of his books are about his life time or something like it. Some of his books are Woods Runner Brians Return and Mr. Tucket.

What I think of Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is a great writer to some people and writes great books. I believe that he is a great writer and writes great books, although in the book Brian's Return I didn't like it as much as the other books he wrote. There wasn't as much action in Brian's Return as Woods Runner and Hatchet. Like at the beginning of the book there was a fight and that was the one out of the three exciting parts.

About the Book and Conections


The genre of Brian's Return is realistic fiction. I believe this because the book is in present day and this could happen to a boy or girl. I also believe this because the book doesn't have any fictional text or any prove it is real.


One connection that I had with Brian is that Brian likes to go camping and fishing and I like to go camping and fishing

The Voice of the Author

Gary Paulsen has a lot of voices like action packed and on the edge, but in the book Brian's Return Gary's voice is slow and steady. An example of his voice is Brian doesn't have a problem he just goes exploring. Another reason is Brian doesn't shoot an animal at all except when he shoots a bird for food in chapter15 page 95. The last reason is there is 3 exciting events in the book and the rest is just him seeing places beautiful.

More About Red Wings

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Fact One of Red Wings

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Fact Two of Red Wings

Red Wings can be found on high places such as tall trees and telephone wires.

Fact Three of Red Wings

A female Red Wing is brown and black and doesn't have red wings.
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Fact Four of Red Wings

Red Wings eat weeds and seeds and is called a omnivorous.


Woods Runner And Brian's Return

In two books that I read by Gary Paulsen each book had a few differences and similarities. One similarity the books had was Brian hunts in the woods and so does Samuel. Another one is Brian and Samuel are both teenagers. A difference they have is Brian shoots with a bow and Samuel shoots with a rifle. Another one is Brian's book takes place in present day while Samuels book takes place in the 1700's.
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Summary About Brian's Return


Brian wanted to feel right about going to school and try to fit in but, he can't fit in so he goes to the woods then he feels better and decides to stay in the woods.

Red wings

Red Wings are a type of bird that has a black body but red and yellow wings. They are a common bird and can be seen on high places like a tall tree or power lines. It is super hard to see a Red Wing at night.
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Plot Mountain

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