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In Uruguay the capital is Montevideo and some major cities are Salto,Paysandu,Melo, and Rivera. At one point it was controlled by Spain and later it gained independence on August 25 1825 from Brazil. Uruguay has a official language of Spanish and the flag is blue and white stripes with a yellow sun the corner.
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Geographical,Political,and Economic information

My country is bordered by Argentina, Brizil and South Atlantic Ocean. Some physical features are Rio de la plata river, Sierra Carapé mountain and Bizcoche hills.The type of government that Uruguay is Constitutional Republic and the leader is Tabaré Vázaquez. The currency is Peso Uruguayo and the Economic system is Socialism.

Tourist Information

You should visit Uruguay because the many tourists attractions like beaches,theater,and sculptures. Some of these are Pacitos Beach, Plaza Independencia and Solis Theater.