The Gun

The Author

Paul Langan was born in 1972 in New Jersey. He attended La Salle University where he took creative writing. He has been the author or coauthor of 5 of the 10 bluford series books.

Main characters

Tyray Hobbs: He is a bully and considered one of the toughest guys in school. He tries to bully darrel but instead gets beat up.

Darrell Mercer: The innocent kid who was being bullied, until he stood up for himself and fought Tyray and won.

Ms. Spencer: The principal of the school.

Lark: She is a nice freshman girl who befriends Tyray and feels sorry for him.

Mr. Mitchell: The nosy english teacher.

Compelling plot teaser

Tyray was the most feared freshman at Bluford high. He bullied and abused many kids smaller than him. One day a new kid moves into town named Darrell Mercer. He was a smaller and skinnier kid. Tyray had been making him pay his lunch for weeks when one day he doesn't pay. Tyray is ready to beat him up when Darrell knocks him down and causes him to break his wrist.


"Tyray raised the gun away from Darrell's face. Tears now mixed with rain on Tyrays's cheek. He turned the gun towards himself, placing it against the side of his face, his vision clouded with tears."


This is more of a men's kind of book. I think teenage guy's will enjoy this book more than everyone. It is not a high reading level and is a short book.

I liked this book because it was dealing with high school kids and bullying which everyone can relate to.