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Mrs. Blair ~ Room 11


Please check your students backpack for the Parent Student Teacher Conference sign-up sheet. We will be planning our conference schedule soon and would like your input as to which time works best for you. We will try to accommodate your requests. Please fill out the form and return it to school with your child by Friday, September 11. If we do not hear from you, we will assign you a time. When we are done scheduling conferences, a second note will come home with the specific time of your conference. Mark your calendar for October 8th or October 13th.


The students really enjoyed acting out the lives of many explorers from Spain, France, and England! They were intrigued to learn about the word: CROATOAN.

The students were also VERY excited to find our “little critter friends” on Thursday…the crayfish arrived!


Check and sign your student's planner EVERY night.

Every day your child completes his/her planner with the jobs they are accountable for completing. Inside their planner, I write notes and place unfinished assignments that need your child's attention that evening. If a paper comes home in your child's folder, please sit down and discuss/complete the task. Your child should be independent; however, asking questions and seeking explanations, would greatly benefit your child.

Stay up to date with homework, tests, projects, and notes from your child's teacher!!

Parent-Community Engagement Event

La Vista West --Good, Better, Best!

All families were mailed an invitation to participate in our community engagement event on September 22nd and 24th. On these two evenings we will discuss what is going well at our school and also identify areas that we could improve. The ideas of our parents and community members are very important in this process so we hope that you will attend. Please complete the RSVP section of your invitation and return to your child's teacher by Friday, September 11th. If you have any questions please call Lisa Wood at 402-898-0463.

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Reader's Workshop

This week the students will work on the comprehension strategy of Drawing Conclusions. With this strategy, students will be using several details from a text to come to a new conclusion about the text. This strategy helps tie several story ideas together. Students will also be working on the strategy of Inferring and Predicting. As you read, you use the conclusion you draw to infer, or figure out, what the characters are like. As you read, you can predict what you think might happen and check whether you are right or not.

This week, ask your child what conclusions they have drawn from their books (at home). Ask your child to predict what they think will happen next…then read on to find out if their prediction was true.

F.R..E.D.! We started our FRED READING MINUTES!!!!

F.R.E.D. stands for FAMILIES READ EVERY DAY. Your child is accountable for reading 20 minutes each and every night. These minutes can be read independently, with a sibling, with a grown-up, or they may be read aloud to your child.

Please continue reading at home. Check for BLUE September reading folder with calendar coming home NIGHTLY with your child! This will be an at a glance place to place your child's reading minutes. PLEASE mark their minutes on the calendar. You DO not need to mark their minutes in their planner if using the calendar.

Students who read 400 minutes during the month of September will earn a spot in our 400 club and participate in our reading celebration.

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Math Workshop

This week, we will focus on adding numbers that equal close to 100 (through a game called Close to 100). To play this game, students work at figuring out if two numbers when added together equal more or less than 100. We will also work to use money to find combinations that equal exactly $1.00, and finally usestory problems to represent addition problems.

This week, have your child practice adding numbers that equal close to 100 when added together. For example, give your child 6 random single digit numbers, such as 0, 4, 5, 6, 2, 7. Then, have your child create two 2-digit numbers from these. Then have your child add those numbers together..were they close to 100?? Your child should tell you that they need to look at the tens place in the numbers—this will help determine how close to 100 they will be.

These are two ways to combine cards to get CLOSE to 100.
76 + 25 = 101

47 + 52 = 99

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Writer's Workshop

Throughout the next few weeks, students will focus on writing narrative stories--stories about themselves. This week, the students will focus on correctly adding dialogue to a story or paragraph to give it more details. Students will work on using quotation marks and other punctuation (commas, periods, question marks) correctly. Students will also work on using dialogue that goes back and forth between two characters in a story.

Students will continue adding many details--details using their senses, emotions, and exact descriptive words to elaborate on details.

This week, have your child describe what they learned about dialogue…how do they know when someone is talking? (by using quotation marks correctly around what is actually being said) How did dialogue help give more details to their stories?

Word Study

This week, students will focus on words with long vowel sound patterns. Specifically, we will look at words that have a vowel, consonant, then a silent “e” at the end (vce). We call these ELVIS E words. Elvis says, "What's your name baby?"

The words we will work on this week are: spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, invite, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame, life, rule.

This week have your child practice writing these words, even writing them in sentences! Challenge your child to think of other words they know (or have read in their books) with the same pattern to make long vowel sounding words.

Social Studes

Our crayfish arrived much earlier than expected. So because of this, we decided to pause our current social studies unit, and begin science while the crayfish were alive. Unfortunately, many of our crayfish (across the district) did not make it through the long weekend. So the district will be sending new crayfish to us in a few weeks. With all of this back and forth, the students will continue observing our (few) alive crayfish for another day, but then we will get back into social studies. I’m sure the students will be disappointed, but hopefully the next batch of crayfish will last much longer!

This week, have your child describe what they learned about the crayfish, including the structure/form of it and their habits.

Ms. Maier's Messages!

Hello and welcome to a new school year. My name is Stacey Maier and I am the School Counselor. This is my 15th year at LVW. Time sure flies when you are having fun!! I come into the classroom once every 10 days and I do a variety of lessons with the students. I also see individual students and small groups of students.

Here are the topics we will be covering this semester in Guidance-Responsibility In and Out of School, Being Assertive and Proactive, Doing Your Best, Positive Attitude, Empathy Skills, Conflicting Feelings, Listening Skills and Drug and Alcohol Prevention Activities through Red Ribbon Week.

If you have a concern about your son or daughter please feel free to contact me. My number is 402-898-0463. You can also email me at Have a great school year!!

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We’ve started book checkout!! Now I need YOUR help! When your child comes home with library books he/she has checked out of our library, please make sure the books are put in a safe place.

What does that mean? A place where . . .

· siblings and pets won’t get to them.

· the books are not around food and drinks.

· your child remembers where the books are so they can be returned on time.

Please help your child be responsible for his/her books so that we can all enjoy the books!

Here is a list of book checkout days according to the 10-day rotational schedule:

Day 1: Blair, Arkfeld, Colpitts, Leonovicz

Day 2: Reed, McLinn, Simodynes

Day 3: Synowiecki, Smits, McElvain, Webber

Day 4: Carter

Day 5: Elsasser

Day 6: Houdesheldt

Day 7: Gentile

Day 8: Anderson

Day 9: Hanke

Day 10: Rasmussen


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We all use listening to enjoy the language and sounds. This includes listening for particular words and phrases that you enjoy, listening for parts of a story that are funny or amusing, or listening for language that helps create a picture in your mind. Poetry, music and television, films, and live theatre are areas that encourage “appreciative” listening.

Some activities can include:

* Reading a few poems have children draw pictures of what they imaged the poem was about.

* Read a humorous or funny book and ask the child what they thought was funny.

* When watching TV and the show has music talk about how the music makes a difference in the scene.

Diane Rasmussen

Literacy Coach

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What's Happening?

10 Day Specials List

Day 1:Art and Checkout

Day 2: Music

Day 3: P.E.

Day 4: Guidance (Tuesday)

Day 5: Music (Wednesday)

Day 6: Art (Thursday)

Day 7: P.E. (Friday)

Day 8: Media

Day 9: Music

Day 10: P.E.