Internet Safety

Lessons on online safety

10 Steps for how to be safe online!

1. Make sure to be secure and safe.

2. Try to be on secure websites at all times.

3. NEVER EVER say Yes, or OK to close a pop up window.

4. Always update your software to make sure you have a safe security update because people are getting smarter and hack easier.

5. Have an updated web browser to get the highest security features as you can and feel more protected.

6. Never click on weird links that you get from spam mail that can lead to a virus, or get your identity stolen.

7. Make sure you always have your personal information locked or secured if your online.

8. don't ever give out your personal information unless you are signing up for something important.

9. Always choose secure passwords and never something simple like 123.

10. Keep updated on the latest scams that are out there never fall for one of there tricks.

Online accounts

If you do have an online account you should always keep your personal information secured or safe.

Some may be: Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat,and Twitter.

And have a password for almost anything unless you are told not to.

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Always asked Questioned

How are you able to stay safe on the Internet??

Answer: if you look at the web address on top, if you see https:// then there should be a green lock and that should mean to you that you are on a safe secure website.

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