Amari Cooper

(Super Cooper or Super Scooper)

Become better then any wide reciever?

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Yea Yea some good plays and not but remember he's a rookie and those were for 1 week imagine him on his 4-5 year...hes gonna be the Khalil Mack of the offense.

Maybe according to the officials of the NFL...

They said Amari Cooper is a force to be reckoned with.He already beats Joe Hayden and some other great corner backs.He is an exciting addition to the raiders this year and for years to come,and i'm proud to say my favorite team will not be the laughing stock of the NFL and Tyler people want Amari Cooper more then odell,the officials and the pull on twitter: Amari Odell: Amari Cooper is the savior to the dynamic duo to Derek Carr's

---------- -------- career , their both just trying to pad their stats before the

60% 40% seasons over.Yea go ahead and say Odell's stats are better beacause

mainly...he is in his second season 0_o.Hopefully he will play for us for years to come and keep Derek Carr with their duo.

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