Lincoln's Weekly Newsletter

April 27-May 1

Principal's Post

Hello Lincoln Families! I hope our weekly newsletter finds you well and healthy. We have been busy at school distributing packets and if you haven't come out to get your second packet please make sure you are making time today to get your children's packets. Today you can come and get your packet between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Packets will also include three books as our gift to your child to encourage more reading while we are out. Our lions are reading lions!

We continue to monitor state guidelines and recommendations from the health department to make decisions as we wind down this school year. We are working with Lifetouch to get our spring photos and yearbooks delivered to our school. When those items are in the building we will work under their guidance to find the best way to get those items to you as soon as we are able. We appreciate your patience while we wait for things to be delivered to our building.

I hope many of you have taken advantage the many resources and links that we have sent home to you via our newsletter. There are so many incredible things available online I hope that many of you are taking advantage of animal talks from zoos, listening to authors read their favorite books, or visit a museum virtually. Through all the negative things that have happened globally during our time home, there have been some really positive experiences that we can enjoy...virtually. Talk about turning lemons in to lemonade!

Packet Pickup Today--April 27 from 10:00am -5:00pm

Packet pick up for the second round of packets finishes today. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure way for each family to get the second packet for their students at school. The procedures below we are asking you to follow to ensure that any members of our Lincoln Community who might be part of a high risk group are able to safely come to school and get a packet for children in their family. Thank you in advance for your support of this process.

  • Packets can be picked up on Monday (April 27th) from 10:00 am and 5:00 pm at the front office.
  • There will be spots marked off on the front sidewalk for families to wait in line if more than one family is getting packets at the same time. We ask that you only move forward when the spot ahead of you is empty. Do not stand closely to each other in the line. Please respect social distancing.
  • Once you get to the door please ring the bell. One family group at a time will be admitted. Once one person/family is clear of the lobby/building the next person/family can enter.
  • Upon entering the lobby please see the person behind the window and give them your children's names and grades so we can mark off that they received their packets.
  • A person at the back of the office will gather the grade level packets that are needed for your family.
  • Following the arrows and directional signs, families will exit the lobby and turn toward the auditorium. In the hallway, will be a table with your packets on them.
  • Families will take their packets and exit out the side doors on Waverly just outside the office/auditorium.

"Mom!! I'm bored!"

If your house is like the Zahner house the novelty of being home and not at school has long since worn off. Both of my boys are getting tired of the things that were exciting and interesting at the beginning of this time at home. A common phrase at our house is now, "Mom! I'm bored."

I found these articles with some simple ideas that I can use at my house when I hear, "Mom. I'm bored." Maybe it will be helpful for you too!

Tennessee Dep. of Ed. School Closure Toolkit: Families

This toolkit provides a number of resources that can be used to support at- home learning during periods of closure.

For Fifth Grade Students

Band and Orchestra

  • We need your help. Our instrument placement session was originally scheduled for April 4 and cancelled. We are trying to get word to fifth grade families through various channels to get students enrolled in band or orchestra classes for next year. Could you include a link to the form in any newsletter or communications that you are sending out to fifth grade families? I have also attached a flyer that outlines the information that we will be distributing throughout this week. I don't know if there is a way that this could go into the packet being distributed to 5th graders at the end of the week? If so, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • The form link for enrollment:


  • Music is such an important part of the Robinson Middle School day. I am reaching out to each of you with an invitation to join the Sixth Grade Choir. We sing every day, clap rhythms and learn how to read music. We become a singing family and make new friends. I would love to have you in my Choir program. If you are interested in joining, please email me: No auditions are needed as all are welcome! I look forward to working with you in the fall and making music. Sincerely, Mrs. Sandra Kerney Robinson Choral Director

Spring Pictures and Yearbooks

Due to the need to stop most traffic at Lincoln we have not received spring pictures or yearbooks in our building. When we do receive them we will create a plan to get them out to you all to enjoy. Please be on the look out in future weekly newsletters and notifications from Lincoln regarding spring pictures and yearbooks.

A message from Kristen Way, School Counselor

Hello Lincoln Lion families!

I am still missing you all and still enjoying attending Zoom meetings and seeing your faces! This has been a great way to stay connected during this time. Please remember the google sheet link is included for if your child needs to talk/or you know of a child who needs additional social/emotional support, or you can feel free to email me directly at I will respond back as soon as I can. I was sent a great resource for parents to help their children with stress reduction, self-regulation, and social emotional health (the link is below). I will continue to include resources in this newsletter. Please email me at the email above if you are searching for specific resources for your child, and I will be happy to find things to send. Until we meet face to face again, stay safe and healthy!

STEAM Resources for At-Home Learning - Grades 3-12

On Wednesday, April 15, the department and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) released a STE(A)M Resource Hub for educators and families to use with students during COVID-related school closures.

The STE(A)M Resource Hub includes three weekly challenges around design activities, critical thinking, and career exploration that can all be done in the home. The challenges, created in partnership with TSIN educators from across the state, are ideal for students grades 3-12, but younger students can also participate with parental assistance. The STE(A)M Resource Hub also includes a portal for parents or educators to ask questions and receive additional support.

The three weekly challenges enable students to keep building their STE(A)M skills while learning from home. Each challenge comes with step-by-step directions for the activity, as well as additional resources to continue exploring the topic. Families and educators are encouraged to use the corresponding hashtags to share their work on social media:

  • #MakerMonday: Resources focus on design activities for students using common objects found around the home to solve real-world challenges.
  • #WonderWednesday: Resources include researching and responding to essay prompts, examining data and drawing conclusions, and/or designing an experiment to answer a question.
  • #FutureFriday: Virtual resources for students to explore STEM careers. Students will experience virtual tours of STEM workplaces, video interviews of Tennesseans in interesting STEM careers, and explore the world of work.

For any questions about the STE(A)M Resource Hub, please contact Deborah Knoll, director of K12 programs and STEM Initiatives.

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KCS Food Distribution Program

Please click the following link for full details about the KCS feeding program. We encourage all families with children 18 and under to take advantage of this opportunity.

KCS Feeding Program

Carmen Sandiego Game

Parents - Who remembers Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? It's back and it's on Netflix! But the best part? Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company (The Learning Company) has created games and activities based on the new series!

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Carmen Sandiego Link Without Google Expedition

Want some challenges based on the show but don't want to use Google Expeditions?... Attached are several challenges!

Connecting with Mrs. Way and Mrs. Musick

Hey Lions! I am missing you all! I have included a link to a google document for Mrs. Musick and myself. Please fill it out just if you’d like to talk, do an activity with us, play a game, or just check in on how you have been doing. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please look at the smore for updates and resources to assist you all during this time.

Playgrounds Closed

As we continue to work with and align with the city on safety decisions, please note that playgrounds will now be closed to the public, starting immediately.

At this time (based on information from the city), other outdoor spaces, such as tennis, tracks, and walking paths, have not been closed. If anything should change regarding this, we will let you know as soon as we are able.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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