Impacts of Tech

Impacts of Digital Technology on Careers

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Farmers use to use animals such as cows and horses to plow their crops, but with current technology farmers now use tractors.

Architecture & Construction

Carpenters use to draw up their blueprints after calculations to whatever they would build, but now they can use 3D simulations on computers to see what to do and print them out

Arts, A/V Technology, & Communication

Back in the day for project and writing they used type writer's, but now they have more technology for example, computers, phones, etc

Business, Management, & Administration

Education & Training


Health Science

They didn't have computers and other technology, but now you can call in for prescriptions and claim them in the store.

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety, & Security

Lawyers didn't use to be able to research and store all of their findings online, they may have used computers, but not to store data and find facts on their cases.

Marketing, Sales, & Service

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Cashiers may have had to do more mental math when it came to transactions and change compared to now with current registers that calculate everything while taking checking the amount of money being stored.