World War II damages

By: Sebastian B

Non fiction book

Hiroshima: The story of First Atomic Bomb

Lawton, CLive A. Candlewick Press, n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2015.

I think he is a good source because he wrote book about Ethical issues such as The Story of the Holocaust, Hiroshima: The Story of the First Atom Bomb. The purpose of this book is to inform about the bomb send to Hiroshima in War World II. I think he is a good source because he was writen and broadcast extensively on the topic, he also wrote a winning book about Auschwitz. The date does not matter because the event pass a long time ago.

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Data base article

"The End of World War II: Historical Conclusions Should Be Based on Facts.

"The End of World War II: Historical Conclusions Should Be Based on Facts." Vital Speeches of the Day 15 Sept. 1995: 710. Student Resources in Context. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. < A17491660&prodId=SUIC&p=SUIC&u=j246909003&p=SUIC>.

I think is inform and persuade about the World War II because is one of the hardest years in the whole world because a lot of people are dead because of World War II but also the bombs send to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This articles teacehs us that World War two articles should be have fact.For 60+ years, Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, has been a leading provider of research resources to libraries and businesses, so I know it may be riliable. Even the article was publish in 1995 the event occur many years before.

Profiling Japanese Americans During World War II Was Unjustified

< EJ3010572223&prodId=OVIC&p=OVIC&u=j246909003&p=OVIC>.

The author purpose is an opinion but i try to inform about it. Eric Muller is a professor at the University of North Carolina Law School and the author of several books on the Japanese-American experience during World War II, so he is a good source. The currency doesn't matter.