Christmas Tradition

The best event in the world!

So special!

Christmas is the most special event in the year, everybody singing in the street, all the Christmas tree with beautiful tinsel around it and the most important we receive PRESENTS. Having amazing dinner with the family, everybody sitting next to the warm fire place. This is how awesome is our Christmas and prepare your self because i am going to amaze you with all the different traditions...

In Italy we have many different Tradition...

Let's start with Food;

In Italy we don't really have a specific food but usually it's Turkey. In my family we don't care which food it is the import an thing is that we celebrate it all together. Then for desert we usually eat "tiramisu" which probably every body knows.


All the children in the word love Christmas presents. in my family we open presents in the 25 christmas in the morning. Giving presents it's a way to say Merry Christmas. to receive presents you have to be good and kind th wall year. then you make a list an Santa Claus bring them to you!

Finally Holidays!

Our holidays are only 2 weeks which it's not enough. At least we receive amazing presents (hopefully). then right the next day we have the boxing. In Italy this day deos not exist. Well, Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!
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