The Mysterious Life Of Gandhi

By: Oivia

Gandhi was only eighteen when he went to law school in london so he can become a Barrister. Gandhi went to prison for civil disobedience he was released in 1924 and ended up dying in 1942. One of the most famous teachings back the was satyagraha but, that is no longer the language taught today. Gandhi died at 78 years old he was born in (1869-1942).

This is what happened to Gandhi

Gandhi was an interesting man he did alot of things like fasting and stuff. Gandhi wasn't succesful but he was able to afford things. Also Gandhi was in prison for four years from (1920-1924). Back in Gandhi's time the most famous teaching was called satyagraha. That language is no longer taught today. He died twenty four years later. he was born in (1869-1948).