Marion Donovan

Taylor Flock

Early Life

Marion Donovan was born on October 15th, 1917. She was born into a family of inventors. Her mother died when she was younger, so Marion spent most of her time with her dad at the factory, where her creativity began. After college, Marion married James Donovan, and together they had children.

What Did Marion Do?

Marion Donovan was the inventor of the diaper cover. Since she had children of her own, she knew the struggles of cloth diapers. When she would get her children up from their nap, the cloth diaper would more than likely had leaked; therefore, Marion would have to change the diaper, the baby's undershirt, and also the bedding that was leaked on. Marion then set out to create a reusable, leak-proof diaper, which was made of nylon parachute cloth. She also improved the diaper by replacing safety pins with snaps. Later, she wanted to create a diaper that was disposable instead of having to do so much laundry; however, there were no companies at the time that were interested in manufacturing her idea.
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